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How do I get my password?

After you subscribe via PayPal we receive an email from them with your payment information and our server automatically generates a Username and Password which is emailed to the email address that you use for PayPal. Sometimes the email that we send you is dumped into a spam folder or even deleted by an anti-spam program on your computer. Check there first before emailing us and make sure that you are using the same email address that you use for PayPal. If you do not receive an automatic email from us within 60 minutes please email us at Please allow up to 24 hours for us to manually issue you a Username and Password although in most cases this will be done much sooner. We are based on the West Coast of North America which can impact response time for International subscribers.

When does my subscription start?

Your subscription begins when you log-in for the first time. If your Username and Password is delayed for some reason you don't lose any time on your subscription.

Can I share my password?

Yes, although only one computer can be logged in at a time per subscription. If you require multiple Users on multiple computers you must purchase a subscription for each User or buy an annual IP based subscription that gives you multiple use access. For most large organizations or educational institutions this is the most efficient and economical method. Email us at with the subject line "bulk" and we will give you a quotation.

Can I buy any of the images on the site?

At present we do not make the images available for sale in any form including high resolution scans.

May I re-use the images on the site?

All the ads are subject to Copyright and may only be used for educational and historical purposes and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes under any circumstances.

Can I find out if you have a specific ad or not before I sign up?

Adflip is a representative cross section of print advertising spanning many decades but by no means is it complete. We do not guarantee to have a specific ad you may be looking for and cannot provide this information in advance.


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