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All of the packages include full access to "The worlds largest archive of classic print ads", Your account will give you unlimited use from any computer. You can even share your account, however you can only login from one computer at one time, no concurrent connections.

Order right now online and have your user ID and password sent to you within 2 hours via email!

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To gain full access to adflip, simply click on one of the above packages to go to the secure order form and your user ID and password will be sent to you within 2 hours via email! All major credit cards are accepted.

Once you have completed the payment process you will be emailed with your account name and password from adflip. You DO NOT use your PAYPAL account to login to adflip.

All accounts will expire midnight X+1 days from the date you processed your account. In other words if you signed up on Monday at 6pm for a 7 day account, your account will expire midnight the follwing Tuesday. You will be contacted via email 48 hours before your account expires letting you know you account is about to expire.

If your organization is interested in a bulk IP based annual subscription for simultaneous multiple users please send us an email at with the word "bulk" in the subject line and we will be pleased to give you a quote.

Adflip will NOT automatically bill your account, you must renew online again, but you will be able to maintain your account name and password.

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